Kuipers is a family owned company for technical installations in the Netherlands. Their CEO, Aukje Kuypers, was awarded as the businesswoman of the year in 2018. The ambition of Kuijpers is to create real solutions for real people, with a strong focus on sustainability and circularity. Their key projects include the Rijksmuseum, Hermitage, Efteling and other icons in the Netherlands. As a launching customer they embraced Solarix vision and initiated the Solarix design to upgrade their headquarters in the brainport smart district.


The Pharos building in Hoofddorp, just a few steps away form Schiphol Airport, is aiming to be the most healthy workspace and office community in Europe. Solarix made the design for the top floor, giving the concept just the identity and branding needed. The building gives room for a vibrant community and combines high tech with low tech. Circular materials, sensors, together with energetic events, workshops and a working philosophy that puts a health at one, the Pharos concept is completely new and leading.


Studio Solarix has designed the façade for a new and innovative building in Delft, The Netherlands. Appointed by Du Croq & Van Zutphen Architects, Studio Solarix added a sustainable element and strong identity for this redevelopment area of the Staalweg. In the tender process this element has made a difference for the jury and led to awarding the project to the consortium of Solarix. The façade is as high as the floors and therefore interacts strongly with the chosen architecture. The Solarix design folds itself around the building and delivers in this way different orientations and sceneries.

Dutch Design Week

At the Dutch Design Week ’17 in Eindhoven (NL), Solarix was asked to show their first prototypes. At the prominent and busy city the ‘Switch Light’ exhibitions gave room for the most bright and innovative design ideas for the future. The Dutch Design Week welcomed around 335,000 visitors in 2017 and gave Solarix an international design stage.

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